Wether Trials

Wether Trials

The Grogansworth bloodline is a proven performer in wether trials, with a history of top end results. They are just one example of the superior returns offered by Grogansworth genetics, compared with the industry average.

Australian National Field Days Wether Trial 2016 – 18

Grogansworth Merino Stud congratulates commercial client, Kingslea Partnership, on their 2nd placing out of 27 teams after the first 12 monthly shearing of the trial. The team returned $70.73 per head for 6.5kg of 18.4 micron wool. Kingslea Partnership also had the most valuable fleece of $84.40 for 7.7kg of 18.2 micron wool. Wool cut, yield and body weight were all well above the trial average. Kingslea Partnership has been on Grogansworth blood since 1985.

Australian National Field Days Wether Trial 2013 – 15

The Grogansworth blood team ended this wether trial in 2nd place over three years of production. There were 29 teams in the trial.

Below are some statistics from the 2014 shearing:

  • cut an average 8.6kg greasy wool per head at 19.8 micron, worth $68.89
  • equal highest clean wool cut of 6.3kg, 24% above trial average
  • 2nd highest fleece yield of 74.2%, 3.3% above average
  • body weight of 69.3kg, 4.4% above average
  • top wether in the team cut 10.4kg at 20.1 micron, valued at $80.48

Monaro Wether Trial

At the 2014 shearing of the Monaro Wether Trial a Grogansworth blood team came 1st for wool value per head. The 15 wethers cut 6.6kg of 18.5 micron wool valued at $60 per head. The Grogansworth blood wethers had the highest fleece yield at 76.3%, 3.1% above the trial average; and the 2nd highest clean fleece weight, 11% above average.

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