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The Land Newspaper article Annual Ram Sale in 2017


By Stephen Burns, The Land

For their 10th annual on-property sale, the Henderson family, Grogansworth Merinos, Bowning, penned 100 rams and were pleased to see 98 sold to top $4750 for sale average of $2076. With a sale average up $359 on last year with more rams sold, co-studmaster George Henderson said he was very happy with the result, as it was the most rams they have sold at auction.

“There was a great vibe during the sale and especially with the state of the wool industry, Mr Henderson said.

“People who have stayed with Merinos are now reaping the rewards for their determination and persistence.”
Mr Henderson noted a number of new buyers attended and competed with a loyal clientele to secure their draft of replacement sires.
Among new clients was David Lyons, a Merino breeder from Vasey, Victoria who had previously sourced rams from the One Oak No 2 stud bred by Graham Wells at Jerilderie before the stud was dispersed.
Mr Lyons paid top sale price of $4,750 for his first selection of the Grogansworth offering in a draft of five rams which also included two at $4,000 each.
“I was looking for something to follow on with our same type of wool because the rams from One Oak No 2 have done a wonderful job for us,” he said.
“They suit our high rainfall country and I liked the top ram for his softness of fleece with a well-defined crimp on a long body. “He is well structured and the fleece has plenty of nourishment."

John Johnston, West Wyalong also attended the Grogansworth sale for the first time and took home a very attractive young sire for $4,000.

“I thought his stretch and bone outstanding, and he has a beautifully soft muzzle,” Mr Johnston said.

"A soft velvety muzzle usually shows in the wool also being soft, with a pliable skin." 

Having had his retirement announced at the beginning of the sale, sheep classer Ian Marwedel was on hand to advise his clients Caroline Spittle and her daughter Rosie Mitchell, “Kingslea”, Bookham with their selection of replacement rams. 
Mrs Spittle, who has achieved outstanding success in the local Berremangra-Bookham Merino ewe competition purchased five new sires to top $4,500 along with two at $4,000 apiece.

        “The staple length and great conformation of these rams is what we are looking for,” she said.
        “We have always bought at the top end and have to keep going forward.”

Volume buyers included William Swann, Murrumbateman who selected eight rams to top of $4,000 (twice) and average price $2,812 and Bill Daly, YLAD and Co, “Milgadara”, Young who enhanced his flocks Grogansworth genetics with four new rams for $3,250 average price after also paying to $4,000 twice.

Returning to Grogansworth for his annual sire requirements, Victorian wool grower Andrew Bodman from Skipton secured his draft of seven rams for average price $2,893 after paying to top $3,750. 

Ian Marwedal purchasing for his clients Gunnong Pastoral Co, Coolac secured 32 rams for average price $1078, while Matthew Bingley, “Wylandra”, Bookham paid $3,250 for his choice of the Poll Merinos on offer.

The East Guyong Partnership, Millthorpe continued their association with Grogansworth purchasing four rams to top $3,000 and average price $2,250 with Michael Best, “Red Hill”, Grenfell adding to his sire battery with three rams to top $2,000. 

Dave Weston, Cumnock bought five rams to top $2,000 while Maxons Pty Ltd, “Merrylea North”, Yass paid $2,500 for their choice of the Grogansworth draft.

Marrakei Rural Partnership, Hall, ACT purchased two rams at $2,250 and $2,000 apiece.

The auction was settled by Schute Bell Badgery Lumby, Goulburn, and auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth controlled the sale with his gavel.

$5250 for Merino ram at Grogansworth held 17th October, 2016


by Stephen Burns, The Land.

George Henderson, Grogansworth, with auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth and top-price ram buyer, George Haylock, Cooma.

George Henderson, Grogansworth, with auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth and top-price ram buyer, George Haylock, Cooma.

With a one hundred percent clearance for 90 Merino rams offered at their 9th annual on-property sale  on account Grogansworth Merinos, Bowning, the Henderson family were very excited to realise a sale top of $5250 with overall average price of $1717.Speaking after the sale, co-studmaster George Henderson said it “was a great sale with many repeat buyers as well as new purchasers.”

“I am very happy with the presentation of our sheep and proves our focus on wool and sheep for this environment,” Mr Henderson said.

“The prices reflect confidence in the Merino industry, and shows the Grogansworth genetics focusing on heavy cutting fine/medium wool sheep with good carcase is meeting the demand.”

First time buyer, George Haylock, Old Springfield Partnership, Cooma, paid top price of $5250 for his selection bred in the Graham family, descended from a $4000 purchase from One Oak No 2, in 2003.

With a mean micron 17.8, and comfort factor 99.3 percent, the ram also appealed to Mr Haylock for being upstanding and growing a long stapled fleece on a big body.

“I want to maintain our frame and carcase and increase the wool cut,” he said.

“He is an attractive ram and his figures match his great outlook.”

Mr Haylock purchased a further two rams and paid $3083 average price for his draft of three.

Kicking the sale off, Peter Keary, Crookwell, paid $4500 for the first lot offered: a son of H566 bred in the Henry 1 family, with mean micron 15.9 and comfort factor 99.6 percent.

A Grogansworth client for over 30 years, Caroline Spittle with her daughter Rosie Mitchell, Kingslea Partnership, Bookham, continued their association with the purchase of seven rams to top $3750 and average price $2357.

The Kingslea-bred sheep regularly lead the Bookham Merino Ewe competition, and in the current ANFD Schute Bell wether trial conducted at Borenore, their team of 2015 drop wethers are placed second in the 12 month shearing section with gross fleece value $70.73.

Respected Sydney-based sheep classer Ian Marwedel, assisted with their selections, and he also put a significant draft of 29 rams at average price $1000 for Gunnong Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, Coolac.

Another repeat client, Victorian woolgrower Andrew Bodman, from Skipton paid to $3500 in his draft of six sires which averaged $2583, while Bill Daly, Ylad and Co, Young, returned to Grogansworth and added to his sire battery with four rams for average $2983.

Returning to Grogansworth, the Schliebs family, Temora, purchased three rams for average price $1750, while William Swan, Murrumbateman, paid $4000 for the first choice in his draft of four rams which averaged $2938.

Mr Swan’s $4000 ram was bred in the Tom family, descended from the $15,000 purchase from One Oak No 2 in 2012, and a Merino Select trait leader for clean fleece weight 22.9.

Other noted sales included four at average $1563 by East Guyong Partnership, Millthorpe, four at $1500 average price by Richard Julian, Bookham and four for $1375 average by Merindah Pastoral Co, Goodhope.

The auction was conducted by Schute Bell Badgery Lumby, Goulburn, and auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth controlled the sale with his gavel.

Grogansworth Merinos 8th On-Property Ram Sale

by Stephen Burns, The Land.

With the equal top-priced ram at $3200, purchased by Caroline Spittle and Rosie Mitchell, “Kingslea”, Bookham, are Kim and George Henderson, Grogansworth Merino Stud, Bowning; Rosemary Mitchell, Ian Marwedel, Sydney, and Rocky Henderson, Grogansworth.

Dedicated sheep producers looking for Merino sheep growing large amounts of fine-medium wool returned to the eighth annual on-property ram sale at “Grogansworth”, Bowning, offered on account of Kim, George and Rocky Henderson on 19 October 2015.

Stud co-principal Kim Henderson told the prospective buyers the rams were paddock prepared with only some supplementary feeding and were in excellent condition.

“I also wish to thank Ian Marwedel (classer) for his contribution over the past 30 years”, Mr Henderson said.

A quality lineup of 89 Merino rams were offered for sale with 81 sold for average price $1572.

Equal top price at $3200 was paid by Caroline Spittle and her daughter, Rosemary Mitchell, “Kingslea”, Bookham, and by Andrew Bodman, “Woongara”, Skipton, Victoria.

Mr Bodman has been buying rams from Grogansworth for the past 15 years and said they performed well in his district.

“I’m looking for a bit of size in our sheep which gives us the opportunity to have big sheep to sell off-shears,” Mr Bodman said. “But they still have to be good wool cutters with heavy and long-stapled bright and soft fleeces.”

Mr Bodman purchased 6 rams for an average price of $2400.

Mrs Spittle is one of the Henderson’s longest clients, having bought rams since the inception of the stud 30 years ago, and consistently features in the annual Bookham Merino Ewe Competition.

This year an even draft of six rams for an average price of $2533 was put together by her sheep classer Ian Marwedel, Sydney.

Mr Marwedel also selected a draft of 30 rams at an average price $1027 for his client, Gunnong Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, “Gunnong Jugrawah”, Coolac.

Significant drafts of rams included seven purchased by East Guyong Partnership, “East Guyong”, Millthorpe, for top of $2200 and average of $1583, and the Swan family, Murrumbateman, who selected six rams, paying to $3000 twice with an average of $2133.

Interstate buyer, Neil Gaussen, Vasey, Victoria, purchased four rams for average price $1250, while Bill Daly, “Milgadara”, Young, paid to $2800 twice in his selection of four rams which averaged $2450.

Stud co-principal George Henderson said the sale was solid, with support coming from return buyers and also new buyers.

“It shows people have confidence in heavy cutting sheep with soft wool,” he said.

The sale was settled by Schute Bell Livestock, Goulburn with Paul Dooley, Tamworth, conducting the bidding.

Stephen Burns, The Land.

The catalogue of rams to be offered at auction is available online and in hard copy about a fortnight before the sale. Copies can be requested via the Contact Us page above. Hard copies will also be available at the sale.