Client Results

Rams have been sold to clients in the Southern Tablelands, South West Slopes and Central West of NSW, Western Victoria, North East Victoria and Southern Qld.


Money in Wether Lambs

Mother and daughter team Caroline Spittle and Rosie Mitchell of “Kingslea”, Bookham, sold their 2015 drop wether lambs in April for $80/head. They were bare shorn having cut $35/head worth of wool to give an excellent return of $115 for a store lamb in a very dry autumn. The lambs were purchased by a feedlotter who sold the lambs at 11-12 months of age at Wagga Saleyards with the tops making $155 and seconds $133

Bookham Ewe Competition 2016

Grogansworth client of 30 years, Kingslea Partnership, was the winner of the Bookham Ewe Competition in February 2016.

Grogansworth Merino Stud congratulates mother and daughter Caroline Spittle and Rosemary Mitchell on their consistent success.

Both judges complimented Kingslea Partnership on the presentation, condition score and management of these ewes. They added:

Rick Baldwin said, “The doing ability of the ewes is outstanding, as is their capacity, which has so much to do with fertility. They are very well grown and look outstanding, a fantastic line of ewes.”

Matthew Coddington said, “My first impression is this is a really productive and profitable mob of sheep; this is what I’ve been talking about this morning; it can be done.”

“This is the type of sheep which, if you put in the genetics, and the management, you can breed very profitable sheep that are very competitive and are way ahead of a cross-bred lamb enterprise because you are getting body weight, carcase yield and a lot of wool. It’s the wool that’s going to jump the Merino enterprise $30 - $40 per head in front of any cross-bred lamb enterprise This is the potential of this flock, with this sort of capacity and productivity.”

Long Term Clients Cash in on Wethers

Bill and Rhonda Daly, “Milgadara”, Young, sold 2 yr old wethers for an average of $126.60 in winter 2015. These sheep, shorn with 10 months wool, valued at $70, returned a total of $196.60/head. The Daly’s have been on Grogansworth blood for 28 years.

Elders Supreme Clip of the Month

Congratulations to Nick, Sally, Andrew and Poppy Keatinge of “Stonehenge” Jugiong, for being awarded the Elders Supreme Clip of the Month for May for the Northern Region in 2015.

Andrew is delighted with the impact Grogansworth rams are having on their flock with ewes cutting an average 7kg and mature wethers 9kg. The clip averaged 19.5 microns and was classed by Jade Freeburn.