Breeding Objectives

Grogansworth Stud sheep are classed using visual assessment with the aid of wool tests and breeding values. Selection of ewes and rams is based on the following: 

Wool - Softness, brightness and cutting ability.     

Skin - Loose, pliable and productive without excessive wrinkle.

Structure - Emphasis on a large frame that is structurally sound with good muscle.

Growth - We select for high growth rates to enable turn off of finished wether lambs.         

Fertility - Maiden ewes that are scanned dry are given one chance. Adult ewes scanned dry are culled. Ewes are also wet and dried at lamb marking to identify and cull ewes with poor mothering ability.

Stud ewes average a wool cut of 8kg of 19 to 19.5 micron wool. Fleece yields average 74-75% and have been as high as 81.8%, giving a high clean fleece weight. Grogansworth ram clients achieve lambing percentages in the range of 90 - 130% to ewes joined.  All Grogansworth ewes, both stud and commercial, lamb unaided.